We all know how frustrating it can be when planning and preparing for your wedding. Honestly, this big day isn’t supposed to be tedious, but how you handle the whole preparation period can go a long way to ease tension and create lifelong beautiful memories.

This blog is not about what suit to buy or wear, which ring to order, how big your wedding budget should be or the likes. What are outlined here are tips which might be often overlooked when planning your wedding.

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“When you delegate work to a member of the team, your job is to clearly frame success and describe the objectives.”
– Steven Sinofsky, former Microsoft executive

You can’t do it all. Yes we all know how special that day is to you but you’ve got to trust people to assist you. There is a trap of not wanting to trust anyone, oh yeah we all have had a taste of people promising to do something but ended up never doing it. You might have had such an experience before, but for the sake of your own sound mind; delegate some of your tasks.
It could be, someone to get your wedding gowns, suits, drinks, setup the cocktail etc….. The list goes on, and depending on how your special day is going be like, delegate as you see fit.
When delegating a task, you must first be sure the person taking on the task is capable of executing it perfectly. Much tasks to appropriate persons, ideally give tasks to persons in their area of expertise.
Be sure to outline what needs to be done, that is to set clear objectives and give them a plan to follow. Don’t just push a task to someone without informing him/her what the expected outcome are. You could check up on them to see if everything is going as expected.
But becareful not to MICRO MANAGE those to whom you delegate tasks. That’s a hell of a job than doing it yourself. In the end, you only bring upon yourself resentment from others.
So call a friend today and entrust a part of your task to him/her. Let them know how confident you are in them thus your handing over the tasks to them.


“Wisdom is knowing when to have rest, when to have activity, and how much of each to have.” — Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Interestingly, we have found out that one of the ways wedding couples get frustrated is that they do so many things on the day before their wedding day or even on the wedding day itself and they end so tired to ENJOY the wedding itself.
Please, please, please; REST. We advise the day before the wedding day should be spent RESTING. Turn phones off your phones if you have contacts invited guests can reach out to or give your phone a friend to handle your calls.
The day before your wedding day is not the day to now be drafting program outline, taking care of room reservations, calling and checking up on vendors, ordering your cake, thinking about which shoe to match your suit or gown, deciding who will do your vote of thanks…the list goes on.
Listen to sermons, do short prayers and sleep alot. If groomsmen and bridesmaids are going to be around you, make sure they don’t disturb you MENTALLY but should aid in making you calm and free.


paparazzi guets

“All too often missed opportunities are in plain sight.”
Germany Kent

Don’t forget paparazzi friends and families can ruin your wedding shots. Get everyone in tune to make the moment truly memorable. The best way out is to make an announcement that the media team takes precedence over all coverage and loved ones who wish to capture the couples with their phones should do so behind the media team.
Nothing is more annoying than coming back to your media company for photo selection and spotting one beautiful shot yet you cannot use it. The reason being; there is a hand of someone in your gown, or someone’s hand has covered a part of your face, someone is doing something distracting right next to you….on and on
Be bold to inform friends and families to capture the moments behind the media team or from their seats. Ignore this advice and you will have yourself to blame.
Remember some wedding officiants allow kissing during the wedding, that kiss is known as First Kiss. Often pastors stand right in the middle adjacent couples meaning they usually face the couples and media team for their first kiss. That can be very creepy. Usually, their facial expressions and other body language don’t reflect the mood of the couple.
So we advise couples to talk to officiants to move to the side of either of the couples when it’s time for their first kiss so as not to ruin them( you will see funny facial expressions of the officiant’s in your First Kiss images which can be very frustrating or disturbing.
First Kiss if allowed can be very exciting coz you for the first time are given the time to express your emotions to each other in front of families and friends, let no one ruin it.
Yeah yeah, this seems like a short one. We don’t want to bore you with a long blog post. Please do comment and share your views below. Thanks for reading.